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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tearing Down the Walls.

Here, at the Tinyholding DIY is a constant on going process. Think, painting the forth bridge and you will be along the right lines. Our latest undertaking is to tame and beautify the dining room.
Up until this point it has merely been a functional space. It was where we stacked the recycling, ate our meals and journeyed through to reach the kitchen and bathroom.
Well, no longer. It is now officially a building site.
We started by stripping the walls. Not just of wall paper, my friends. Oh no! Here at the Tinyholding we like to do things in style. After removing a few feet of the god awful "old lady" wallpaper it was clear that the 100 year old plaster had given up the ghost. It no longer provided a suitable base to adhere wallpaper to. It was now being held in place by layer upon layer of hideous patterns. Stripping it away was an interesting excavation of the last 50 years of DIY fashion. To be honest, I doubt the good taste of those that have gone before.
Interestingly, we discovered that there had been a cupboard in existence at some time over history. We unearthed the original lintel over the fireplace. Found the "interesting" evidence of other DIY'ers handy work. Most importantly, we have found that the plaster and wallpaper was holding the bottom stair in place.
DD, himself undertook the dusty job of removing the plaster. Inch by inch he removed the offending substance. Inch by inch we covered the house in a thick layer of dust.
There was dust upon every surface. All the trinkets and ornaments around the house had left an imprint of where they lived. Ever the poor cat, Slinky, was dusty. Wandering out from her hidy-hole, she looked like she was coated with years of dust. Showing a close liking to a feline version of Miss Haversham. We were almost expecting her to start quoting about her lost love and asking for Pip and Estella.

The next stage was to plaster the walls. Or so we thought. As it turns out the walls are in such bad shape, the most economical and achievable method was to board the walls. Cue much muttering, measuring and cutting from both DD and his Dad. The boards themselves weigh a ton, and having to move them about has proved to be a challenge in itself. We have had the rather frightening moment when DD almost found himself flattened, pancake like beneath a pile of them. Nesty came rushing to his aid, shouting "come quick, DD is being crushed to death!!!!!!!!!"
Huck, certainly came into his own at this juncture. Flexing his muscles he embarked upon a rescue plan. I felt myself very clearly and defiantly directed by the men of the household in operation "save DD"
For my own part, I was the supplier of both minced tarts and port (after all Christmas was on the horizon).
I spent my time cleaning up the layer of dust (I even dusted the appliance vents) and making cranberry sauce (see recipes).
To date, the building site still stands. The rather wonderful furniture is in residence but the walls/floor are yet to be completed.
Painting the fourth bridge? You bet!

*stay tuned to see updates*