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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Industry at the Tinyholding.

I'm shocked to see that the last Tinyholding post was last September.
Well, just to play catch up, Happy Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to Teenbeast. 
One of the reasons I have been so distracted has been the birth of my long awaited new enterprise, Merionwen. I have expanded my repertoire over the last few months with a course in advanced aromatherapy, receiving a distinction, thank you very much! And taking in a course in holistic cosmetology.
It has long been a desire of mine to form my own skincare range. A plethora of sweetly scented salves and unguents to sooth, moisturise and buff the body beautiful. So I have taken a leap of faith and gone for it.
Initially we will be looking to fund the outlay with a crowd funding pitch of modest proportions. Stamped for trade scales don't come cheep! Nor might I add, do Safety Assessments. The red tape is flying and I am sure one day I will choke  on the stuff, but once the initial hurdle is leapt over I will be running for home.
There will be a range of goodies for sale that will then be categorised into a few sections, to tantalise the senses and stir the customers with longing (I hope).
So far, I am loosely formulating around three sub headings. There will be a "vintage" line, that will embrace all things lavender and lace inspired. Taking in country roses and floral jasmine. Secondly, there will be a country cottage range. This will encompass all things country cottagey, from cakes and bakes inspired goodies to cottage gardens. Then finally (so far), there will be the musks and spices of exoticism, flavours of ylang ylang and black pepper, for those with a richer more eastern taste.
DD has provided me with a very hand note book to keep by  my bed, where ideas can be scribbled down as they pop into my head in the darker hours. My burgeoning obsession is doing nothing for the insomnia! But, at least I am laying in bed in a half sleep, steeped in dreams of luscious potions and evocative scents.
So far in there I have scribbled down ideas for a fours seasons limited range and seasonal exclusives. I'm loving the idea of flakes of food grade gold being interspersed with exotic spices over the Christmas period.
However, it's proving to be a lot of work that is keeping me away from the potions lab (the kitchen). The website is in progress and the logo is being worked on. Branding is forming and  product placement is being studied. This is beside all the acronyms floating around in my poor addled mind.  USPs, TM, SA CP/HP and SEO to name but a few.
Talking of USPs one of the things I am planning to make a forerunner of my business is a totally natural and organic claim. Of course this will add to the paper work I shall have to acquire, but I feel it is worth it. I would never want to go into something that did not completely reflect my ethics.
So, readers, watch this space to see how things progress and please be open to sampling my wares.