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Christmas at the tinyholding.

This is the first year we, as a family, have spent Christmas together at the tinyholding. I can't deny it, I am very excited. We have so many traditions to carry through and so many to start.
I can't wait to share the carol concerts and Christmas shopping with DD and the children. That warm contented tingle you get from making preparations within the home. Creating a cozy seasonal haven while the weather chills the world outside. Red noses and warm coats adorn us, while sitting in a crowded church or village hall watching our smallest child sing with the school choir.
Squirreling away wrapped gifts and surprises. All accompanied by the rich scent of mulled wine, mince pies and Christmas oils.
I plan to start a few traditions of my own this year. A new chapter for the tinyholding. I want us to read A Christmas Carol together. A chapter a night by candle light. By the middle of December we will have the twinkling of the decorations to light our way and from the week before the big day we will have the scent of pine as we decorate the tree together.
I shall keep this page updated with crafts, traditions, anecdotes and recipes. A record of the tinyholdings first seasonal affair x

The above Christmas duck was painted by Alan Short
For yule oil you cannot beat Sally Pointer