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Monday, 12 August 2013

Lotions, potions, salves and unguents.

Well, hello blog readers. It's be a while (again) but here I am posing about happier times, here at the tinyholding.
Things have changed a bit here. We are now the proud founders of  Merionwen, Naturally Nourishing. My very own skincare, bath and body business.
I'm still adding courses and qualifications to my chosen career to give it oomph and clout. not to mention the fact that I seem to be an education addict. I wonder ifthere is such a thing? I do love learning.
I have now secured, over the last four years. A HND in phytotherapy, a higher diploma in massage therapy, a higher diploma in aromatherapy, diplomas in advanced anatomy & physyology,  hot stone massage, and cosmetology (natural skincare).
Next stop, a HND in Clinical nutrition, followed by a year to complete a BSc in phytotherapy, then *drum roll* an MSc in phytotherapy. this could keep me busy for a wee while.
All the same while I wait for term to start for the HND (and for student funding to come through) I have my eye on one or two other courses. Advanced reflexology, holistic beauty therapy, biochemistry and botany among them. I do wonder if I will ever be happy with my education and sit back and think "that's enough, I know enough now" I seriously doubt it though. My Ma always did call me "the eternal student". Frankly, I quite like that title, along with "Queen of Bubbles" as a friend had labelled me :)
All this goes hand in hand one way or another. I sort of have a two pronged business. There is the skincare products which the website primary deals with, but there are also the therapies. I want to add more and more to them and one day I would like to have premises. For now I am happy being mobile and taking my therapists paws to the client.
The kitchen often looks like a cosmetics lab has exploded in there but it always smells good. I've not yet made anything that smells bad but there is always time. I have found that scent is subjective, for example, one body butter I have made has ginger in it. It's a nice small but not my favourite. However, this seems to sell much more than the more traditional rose scent. People simply love it. It does have a rather exotic scent.
The whole business started off as a bit of a dream and in true style DD made me put my money where my mouth is. Lets us not forget the conversation several years ago that set the whole ball rolling.

Me, "I would love to gain a real qualification in herbalism"
DD, "well, do it then!"
Me, "Oh, I don't know?!?!"
DD, "Why not"
Me, "......"
And thus I did so!

This time,
Me, "I really could do with something I can do from home to make a difference to the income!"
DD, "such as?"
Me, "Haha, well, I would love to make my own skincare stuff"
DD, "Well, do it then...Crowdfund the start up"
Me, "....."

You see the pattern? He is very good at getting to the heart of the matter in a few short sentences. He leaves no room for self doubt and has been my biggest support to date. Seconded by my Mum!

So, industry is where we are at here at the tinyholding. We are making our income by being self supporting. DD's software business is still the main bread winner but the world is our oyster with Merionwen.