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Thursday, 24 May 2012

I *heart* Laugharne.

I was recently booked for a series of tours of Laugharne castle as Lady Dorothy Perrot. she is the 16th century wife of courtier Sir John Perrot. (Rumoured to be both the illegitimate son of Henry IIIV and a pirate to boot). Lady Parrot's parentage is rather grand also as she is the daughter of the Earl of Essex and Lettice Knolleys (one time favourite of Elizabeth I until she married Dudley...ooooh, the scandal!)
Playing such a noble character deserved a fine dress. so the Red Velvet came out to play. But what do you know? Dorothy has not been eating lettuce! It doesn't fit. Not even a little bit! God damn it! Poor old Dorothy had to slum it for the day in some particularly fine blue wool and lace. however, all it not lost as the blue is clearly ahead of it's time by around 20 years. Dorothy is clearly a trend setter.
I have another five bookings and Lady D and I am determined she is either going to be back in her red or have a new posh frock. being that it is always sunny and warm in Laugharne I am thinking I may have to make a new lighter silk dress. (To avoid roasting).
Perhaps a deep forest green with golden underskirt? And fine black french hood to boot?
It's been a long time since I felt so inspired to sew.
I need to get my hand back in for a rather special dress for next year (oooh, teasers!)

Laugharne this year was as sunny, relaxed and beautiful as ever. I simply love Dylan Thomas land. However, before we start hearkening to children's Christmases in Wales, lets be clear. Although DT had a rather fine boat house to live and write in Laugharne is the home of the Perrots! First and foremost!
"Who does that Thomas boy think he is? Shakespear?"  Can't you just here Lady D's ghost in her outrage?

It is a magnificent castle full of character, scandal, stories and people who love it. I really is a pleasure to work there.

Ceri from the History Chefs
We were lucky enough to be teamed up with The History Chefs.
They are a branch of the celtic learners network and truly lovely and inspiring people. Ceri and Colette, put on a spectacular show and gave delicious tasters of their Tudor goodies. Yummy!
With such cooks in residence, perhaps that is why Lady d is having trouble squeezing into her gowns.....

The highlight of the weekend was meeting Geoff, an ex school head and an expert on the Perrots. After quizzing me about my characters life I was awarded the gold star! Bloody glad I did my research!

All in all it was lovely weekend. For that I have to thank Tara, Shelia, Ceri, Colette and of course my lovely and every helpful DD x

I can't wait for the next one.

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