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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Poor Maggie RIP

Seems the bloody fox has had his fill again.
Here at the Tinyholding we never did get Maggie to go voluntarily into the eglu at night.
I had warned her that if she didn'g go to bed then the fopx would pay her a visit.....
Late one night last week I was laying in bed (not able to sleep) When I heard and cacophony in the garden.
DD had shut the birds up for the night but had not been able to find Maggie. He had been out there for quite some time with his furrowed brow and his torch. Hwe was justa as determined as he had been all the other nights he had hunted for her. This night, however, she was nowhere to be seen. We feared she had already been taken during the day but couldn't find any evidence.
Eventually we had to call it a night. We just couldn't find her. we were hoping that if she had not been taken she would go to be high up in privit and be fine.
Alas this was not so. DD and I jumped out of bed and DD went out to try to reach her before the fox took her. He was unlucky.

Poor Maggie, you were such a character. We will never forget you!

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